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Avoiding Certain Websites To Keep From Being Caught Up In A Scam1If you have ever heard the old saying “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”, then you will know just how important it is to watch out for a possible scam. There are many ways people fall into scams, and even more so over the Internet. Knowing which websites are safe today seems to be the most sought after information. Stumbling on a site that is not safe, can lead you into many scam problems.
Look For The Lock

Most websites today are secured, and the way to tell if this is a secure site is to look for a small symbol. This symbol can be a small lock in one of the lower corners of the page, or even a small key. When looking for one of these symbols, you are preventing a possible scam and avoiding trouble. If you encounter a website that asks for personal information, such as banking or identification you must be very weary about handing it over.

If you want to be sure that the site is in fact safe, you need to look for the lock or key prior to readily handing this information over. If you hand this information over on an unsecured site, chances this site is a scam. With this information you have handed over, you could easily have your identity stolen. From that point the scammer can access banking and credit information, and put you in a very bad financial position.

Mind Your Information Online

Person under crumpled pile of papers with a help sign / isolatedIf you are going to avoid a scam, it is best that you mind your personal information while online. Even when a website has a small lock or key located at the bottom of the page, there is absolutely no way of knowing if this site is truly safe.

Keep your personal information very close to vest so to speak, and this will help avoid a possible scammer from taking you to the cleaners. It is always advisable to avoid offering any bank or credit information, to any website as it places you in a risk factor.

Just because a website is safe, does not mean that the person manning the website is honest and straightforward. If your operating system provides, you can have the authenticity of the site’s certificate reviewed prior to continuing forward. If the site is not recognizable, chances are you could be a potential target by scammers.

Protecting Your Business

Knowing How To Spot The Scams3If you happen to run your own business from home, you are going to want to be very careful of a possible scam. A situation could arise very quickly and your business could become a target, or worse it could be stolen right out from under you. This would not only be bad for you, it would be very bad for your clients. If your clients have entrusted you with any personal information, they could very well be at risk to lose as well. Protect yourself as well as your clients when working over the Internet, and avoid being the next target of web scammers.

 Posted on : February 21, 2014

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