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How to Raise Your Site Traffic1If you are looking to increase or generate decent site traffic, you may want to consider trying a few new tools.

There is so much to keeping on top of the search engine game. You need to have enough daily views to stay in the best spots.

This requires that you are out on the web in enough areas that people come across you easily.

You will need to keep new people finding you and your old viewers coming back as much as possible. Once you have uses many of the common tools such as content, forums, and blogs, you will want to try a few more proven methods.
Affiliate Marketing

If you want to attract a new class of site traffic, look into affiliate marketing. This is a great way to generate views for your website. This can go two ways. You can offer a percent of your profit for each click generated by other websites or get other people’s products and services to affiliate on your site. If you are driving people from other sites to yours you will have to offer an incentive.

You can get much more traffic if you pay for another site to affiliate to yours. This generates more business for you as well as views. You can also use your site to promote other people’s products and services. This gets you many views as people search your site for whom and what they want.

Bulk Email

How to Raise Your Site Traffic2An easy way to increase your site traffic is to use bulk emailing. This allows you to advertise to a very large group of consumers at once. You can get email lists cheap and even free sometimes. To be sure that you are doing the right e-mailing be sure to use an e-mail generator and have an opt out or unsubscribe section.

You can also have a place for your consumers to add their email to get a weekly or monthly news letter. Some people find that sending past customers emails on occasion also can bring them back to your site to view new content you have added.

Link Sharing

Increasing Website Traffic Means More Sales3One of the best ways to get your site out there and get more site traffic is to link share. Link sharing is a free way of advertising what you have in turn for doing the same for someone else.

Before you just hand your link to everyone you know and come across, make sure it is going to be beneficial. Your link should be on sites with good ranking, a good reputation, and that will generate the type of traffic you want. You also do not want to be in competition with the people you link with.

The best sites to link to are those with top Google ratings, who have a high traffic volume, and great feedback. That way you are sure to get a highly specific audience that wants what you have and will keep coming back.

 Posted on : June 16, 2014

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