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How To Tell When You're Being Scammed1Have you ever wondered while browsing websites, if you’re being scammed? If you have been promised: money, property, expensive gifts, or even shares in a business, chances are you are definitely being scammed.

No one in their right mind is going to offer something for nothing in this world, what makes you think it would be any different over the Internet between strangers? Well unfortunately for many, there is no understanding of this concept and people still seem to fall for these tactics time and time again.

Knowing what is a scam, and avoiding such a scam are two different things. Which end of the spectrum are you going to be sitting on at the end of the day?
Picking Out A Scam

So Joe Blow has just offered you $10,000 dollars for free, and all you have to do is place your banking information in that little box and refer 10 friends. Do you think you are being scammed? If you answered yes, you are definitely correct. The fact remains, no one in their right mind will just give away free money. What is worse, now this unknown, unseen person now has all of your banking information. Now they have total access to your money, and or credit cards.

This is the type of scam that is pulled on the unsuspecting Internet surfers almost daily. If you have ever been offered a great free gift, simply by filling out a small questionnaire with personal details attached you are being scammed. As you can see, there are many ways an Internet thief can help themselves to your personal finances. You must recognize the fact that anything this good is a lie, and stay clear of such ridiculous claims to fame.

Like A Chameleon

How To Tell When You're Being Scammed2Sometimes you have absolutely no idea you are actually being scammed. This is because the thief is so obscure, that they are like a chameleon. There are plenty of good scammers out there that have already made their money off the simple jobs, now they look for more.

These are the ones you must pay close attention to; as they not only hit you they hit your business as well. With the wealth of customer information at their disposal, these big time crooks know exactly how to stick it to you. You must always look at the fine print in any contract agreement, and if things look odd check them out.

Never leave a scammer to their own device, as they will only move to target someone else if they cannot hook you. Take them down by contacting the proper authorities, and save the next guy from making a costly mistake.

Stay Safe And Surf Another Day

The best way to keep from being scammed is by staying alert. Watching where you surf, and which sites you visit is a great way to keep from becoming a victim. There are plenty of decent sites to visit, and you do not need to place yourself on a list of potential hooks.

 Posted on : August 16, 2014

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