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The Nigerian Wire Transfer ScamThere always seems to be one scam that seems to outlive the fad stage, and today it is the Nigerian wire transfer scam. This is a scam that not unlike many other scams preys on those that want to get rich quick, or are completely geared towards sympathetic acts of kindness.

Whatever the case may be for those that are actually affected by this scam, the fact remains that this is a very serious and growing scam that has blossomed out of control in North America. This is not to say that other countries are not suffering from the same scenario, it is merely to suggest that in the US the problem is growing daily.
Tomfoolery Have Gone Faux Legal

One of the most noticeable traits to the Nigerian wire transfer scam is that they are now using documents that are extremely hard to prove as fakes. Anyone without proper training would not be able to depict a fake from a real document, and sometimes even the pros are being fooled. It is safe to say that these guys have done their homework, and they are now looking to apply their trade right in your own backyard.

Many of the documents that the scammers will use, look very much like documents that you would find in a courthouse or government office such as an immigration or tax office. These scams are not always simple to orchestrate, so they take a great deal of time making sure they have everything perfect prior to selecting a target.

Random Targets Same Quest

The Nigerian Wire Transfer Scam1With the Nigerian wire transfer scam the quest is simple, infiltrate an unsuspecting victim’s bank account and extract their money. While not all of the scammers use the same location or the same person as a dignitary, the goal is always the same.

Often the scammer will browse places like MSN and Yahoo, to locate random email addresses, and then they set their plan in motion. From that point they send a basic email to you, asking for your time and attention. They will spin a horrible story and lure you into a pity trap.

They will then tell you that they need help extraditing money out of their country, as they are afraid that their government will seize it and not give it back. They will ask you to take it off their hands, and place it via wire transfer into your bank that you deal with.

Hooked And Reeled

Once you have given your personal and banking information in a Nigerian wire transfer scam, you can pretty much sit back and kiss your money goodbye. This is because the scammer now has access to your bank account, and when you are not expecting it they are depleting your funds at will.

If this is not caught quickly, your bank will not know otherwise and nor will you. You will perhaps find small amounts missing here and there, and one day you will find that you have been completely wiped out.

 Posted on : August 30, 2014

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